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The Inaugural Joint UK-US Project on Nuclear Issues Conference
4 - 5 Nov 2014
Wokefield Park Hotel, Goodboys Lane, Mortimer, Reading, RG7 3AH

This event is open to UK PONI and US PONI members only. Registration closes October 8th.

About the event:

The US-UK ‘special’ relationship has been a feature of global nuclear politics and history since the dawn of the nuclear age. Since its genesis in the Manhattan project and cementation with the 1958 Mutual Defence Agreement (MDA), the relationship has expanded. Driven by shared threat perceptions and priorities, the US and UK continue to work closely together on a variety of technological and policy matters in the nuclear field.

In the spirit of this longstanding cooperation, the UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI) and US Project on Nuclear Issues (US PONI) will host their first bilateral conference on 4-5 November 2014. Sponsored by AWE, the conference will examine subjects that are of mutual interest to both countries, and that cross the technology and policy realms. A formal agenda will be released in October and issues covered could include future deterrence requirements, technical means for ensuring confidence in nuclear reductions and treaty compliance, and opportunities for future US-UK collaboration.

The conference will take place at the Wokefield Park Hotel in Reading, Berkshire. Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis and will close on October 8th. You can register for the conference here by clicking on "book your places." Note that the conference is open to UK and US PONI members only. To become a UK PONI member for free, please visit, or join here to become a US PONI member. Participants who do not have financial support from their organisation may request support from UK PONI to cover hotel and travel costs.

On the afternoon of 5 November, participants will have the opportunity to attend one of two available site visits at AWE. Access to these tours is subject to AWE security screening and individuals wishing to take part will be required to register for the conference with their passport number and country of issue, as well as confirmation of nationalities by no later than 8 October 2014. Individuals who register after this date will be able to attend the conference proceedings at the Wokefield Park Hotel, but will not be permitted to join site visits.

Site Visit Option 1: Educational Collection

A guided tour will be given of the AWE Educational Collection, which maintains the historical record of the UK’s involvement in the development of nuclear warheads. The Collection holds material from the very beginnings of the UK Project in 1940 and displays material from the test programmes as well as examples of all in-service UK systems.

Site Visit Option 2: Forensic Seismology

AWE Blacknest is home to the Forensic Seismology team that provides advice to UK government on nuclear-test-ban verification issues. The visit will consist of a presentation, followed by a tour of exhibits and instruments around the building. AWE will provide an overview of how seismologists can detect signals from around the globe, and use signal characteristics to distinguish explosions from earthquakes.

Event manager: Stephanie Bacon, +44 (0)20 7747 2648

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