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Nuclear Policy News – February 8, 2017

Nuclear Policy News – February 8, 2017



U.S. Strategic Command to Conduct Exercise Global Lightning
U.S. Strategic Command

Conference on Disarmament Discusses Iran’s Launch of Ballistic Missile
The United Nations Office at Geneva

NATO Troops deploy in Lithuania, underscoring commitment to defense


Strategy to ‘destroy’ North Korea missiles to be applied during exercises
A bilateral U.S.-South Korea strategy to detect, defend, disrupt and destroy North Korea missiles, also known as 4D, is to be applied to the upcoming Key Resolve joint military exercises.



Iran pulls missile from Launchpad after apparent prep for launch
FOX News
New satellite imagery showed Iran preparing a Safir for launch. That missile is the type Iran has previously used to put a satellite into space. Tuesday morning the missile had been removed from the launchpad. It was not immediately clear why.

Yemeni rebels say they fired a ballistic missile at Saudi capital
Military Times
Yemen's Shiite rebels said on Monday they "successfully" fired a ballistic missile at Riyadh for the first time targeting the al-Mazahmiya army base in western Riyadh, about 650 miles from Sanaa.  



May refuses Netanyahu’s call to impose new sanctions on Iran
The Guardian
Netanyahu had said “responsible” countries should follow Trump in imposing new sanctions against Iran after it test-fired a ballistic missile. But May expressed her concern about Iran’s actions without saying there was a need for sanctions.

NATO Troops deploy in Lithuania, underscoring commitment to defense
Germany and NATO on Tuesday underscored their commitment to beefing up the defense of eastern Europe's border with Russia as the first of four new batallions under the North Atlantic alliance's banner arrived in Lithuania. A NATO official said the NATO forces would participate in a major exercise in eastern Europe in June. A second official said it would include a simulated nuclear attack.


Nuclear terrorism is an international threat, cannot be ignored: Jaishankar
The Indian Express
While speaking at Implementation and Assessment Group Meeting of Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, India’s Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar said the negative consequences of atomic power can not be overlooked, adding that nuclear terrorism is an international threat that should not serve national strategy.


Conference on Disarmament Discusses Iran’s Launch of Ballistic Missile
The United Nations Office at Geneva
The Conference on Disarmament this morning was presented with a draft proposal by the Romanian Presidency on the establishment of a working group on the “way ahead”.  Several delegations raised the issue of Iran’s recent ballistic missile launch. 



US Army Strategy to Acquire Patriot Radar Replacement Expected Soon
Defense News
The Army is nearing completion of an acquisition strategy to achieve a 360-degree threat detection capability for its future Integrated Air-and-Missile Defense system, according to the deputy program executive officer for Army Missiles and Space. 

U.S. Strategic Command to Conduct Exercise Global Lightning
U.S. Strategic Command
Beginning Feb. 7, the Global Lightning 2017 scenario incorporates a variety of strategic threats to our nation. All USSTRATCOM mission areas will be exercised to ensure the command is ready to provide capabilities to combatant commanders around the globe. It also tests the command’s readiness to confront uncertainty and allows USSTRATCOM forces to train as they would fight.



The Prague Agenda in a Post-Truth World
Joshua Pollack, Arms Control Wonk
Will Obama’s Prague Agenda be seen as perpetually significant, a fading historical artifact, or just unfulfilled hopes and dreams? While the conference yielded no clear consensus on Obama’s record, it provided insights into upcoming hot-button issues.

What Does Putting Iran ‘On Notice’ Really Mean?
Paul Shinkman, US News
James Stavridis, a retired Navy admiral who served as NATO's supreme allied commander for Europe, interprets the phrase as the administration's stating it will act at a time and place of its choosing.

The Limitations of Framing North Korea as a Risk
Danielle Chubb, Real Clear Defense
Past practice of assuming that North Korea represents a risk and acts like an outlier or 'rogue' has led to a series of policy failures. This has been evident over the past eight years of ‘strategic patience’, where placing the onus on North Korea to act – an approach which assumes that the only barrier to progress lies in Pyongyang – has seen the world stand by while North Korea has developed a significant nuclear capability.

How I learned to Hate the Bomb
Joelien Pretorius, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
Even at its best, arms control takes a contradictory approach to nuclear weapons. These weapons are bad; but if we limit them, they're good; as long as we don't limit them too much. At its worst, arms control urges humanity—to borrow from the title of Stanley Kubrick's film Dr. Strangelove—to "stop worrying and learn to love the Bomb."

How Trump Can Reassure Asian Allies
J. Berkshire Miller, Foreign Affairs
The timing of Mattis’ visit was critical, coming as it did amid growing criticism from regional observers that the Trump administration was set to cast aside the United States’ pivot to Asia and focus more on threats from the Middle East. But perhaps more important was Mattis’ tone: The defense secretary did not press allies on burden-sharing but sought instead to reassure and listen to them. That was the right move. 



Countering the North Korean Threat: New Steps in U.S. Policy (VIDEO)
Victor Cha, CSIS senior adviser and Korea Chair, testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on "Countering the North Korean Threat: New Steps in U.S. Policy."

Air Force Laser Weapons to Defend B-2 Bomber
Offensive and defensive laser weapons for Air Force fighter jets and large cargo aircraft have been in development for several years now. However, the Air Force Research Lab has recently embarked upon a special five-year effort, called the SHIELD program, aimed at creating sufficient on-board power, optics and high-energy lasers able to defend large platforms such as a B-52 bomber.



Friday's Top Nuclear Policy News


Having nuclear weapons ‘matter of life and death’ for North Korea: RIA

Ending Iran nuclear deal would worsen North Korea situation: Kerry

North Korea writes open letter to Parliament urging Australia to move away from Trump administration
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Russia’s Lavrov warns one-sided changes could sink Iran deal
Associated Press

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